How Secure is Your Home IT?


2020 blurred the lines between home and commercial IT service. If you work out of your home, you need the same level of protection as you had in a traditional office.

We provide the protection you need.

How Secure is Your Home IT?

Service at a Glance

Automatic Computer Maintenance

An up-to-date computer is protected from most cyberattacks. We make sure your computer stays updated.

Content Filtering

All Internet traffic is examined. Any traffic found to be dangerous isn’t allowed into your home.

Dark Web Monitoring

If we find your personal information on forums and website where cyberthieves hang out, we alert you and make sure you’re not a victim.

Enterprise Grade Antivirus

We install antivirus software that stays updated automatically as new cyberthreats emerge.

Optional Add-Ons

Plenty of add-ons to create the perfect office technology environment for you.

Why Red1 Home?

Attempts to breach your home technology environment are likely occurring daily and some may have succeeded.

Many cyber-attacks start with a computer jumping around tens of thousands of places every day seeing if they can break in. If they can, the process to make you a victim begins.

The 2019 Ring Camera Scare

In 2019, the scariest of things happened in the home of an 8-year-old Mississippi girl. Her mother heard a voice coming from the girl’s room. What started as. “Hello there” turned into something much worse.

**see the video

How it Works?

RED1 Home Essentials is what everything is built on. With Home Essentials you get:

01.  Enterprise grade anti-virus and anti-malware monitoring and protection. We alert you if we detect any issues-and help you act.

02.  Automatic computer maintenance including installation of security updates, monitoring for impending hardware failures, and other maintenance. You will receive a report each week detailing the health of your computer and if we notice serious problems, you will hear from us right away.

03.  Router Configuration We route your traffic through a content filter to watch for cyber threats and make other configurations to help you stay safe.

04.  Annual basic computer clean-up 

05.  Computer Back-up We backup the contents of your computer to the cloud using one of the most popular and secure backup services on the market.

We’re Sorry, But:

  • We are not a marking company
  • We do not do search engine optimization or online marketing
  • We don’t do print-based graphic design
  • We aren’t a software education company. (We don’t offer software training)

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